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A photo with a image of a insurance policy paperwork.

Water damage but are you covered?

On Christmas Eve many customer were faced with Subpumps that couldn't keep up with the rain or stopped working. This is a coverage called an endorsement "sewer, drain back up" added into your policy for a limited coverage of typically $5,000-$10,000 in total coverage. To dry out the area, remove wet drywall, carpet, replace your personal property that got damaged, and reconstruct your basement with new drywall or flooring.

Rebuild after water damage

Taking the extra step to ensure the job is done right!

After there was an unknown water damage mold started to grow which left our team no choice but to remove part of this wood wall. The wood was special ordered many years ago and everyone involved was worried we would not be able to find a match. Our reconstruction team pulled together and was able to find a local mill that was able to replicate the wood on the walls to ensure that the new wood would match and flow. The photo is before the staining was completed however you can see the wood flows along with the old wood on the wall. 

Our vans onsite for a covid clean up

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned

SERVPRO of Chambersburg has responded to multiple calls regarding the current pandemic throughout our local towns. Majority of these calls are businesses but we also do offer services for residential properties as well. Our team responds quickly and we are even faster at getting your space sanitize to return a peace of mind. 

A tree collapsed during an ice storm damaging this home.

Ice Storm Causes MAJOR Damage.

After heavy winds and a bad ice storm this tree fell over on top of a home causing severe damage to the structure. If you look closely you can see some of the tree limbs in the photo above. Our team was able to clean up the debris and blown insulation that was throughout the entire affected rooms. 

A photo of a floor with muddy water

2021 Spring is in the near, but is a flooded basement too?

We are all excited for SPRING. This week we are expecting some higher temperatures along followed by rain. What we have learned from the week of Christmas 2020 as this can result in flooded basements.

How to prevent:
1. Ensure your sub pump is fully working.
2. Gutters are diverting water away from house and not blocked by snow.
3. Street drains near your house are free to allow the water to drain into.

If you get water in your basement here's what to do.
1. Call your favorite restoration team SERVPRO!
2. Call your insurance to know if you have back up coverage and how much. Not all policies cover for this damage.
3. Get your personal belonging out of the water/work area and repair the pump ASAP. (Repairing the subpump will take the bulk of the water away quickly)

A garage with new wood framing with a green SERVPRO truck

SERVPRO of Chambersburg does it all for fire damage!

During a fire damage that started in the garage of this Greencastle home. SERVPRO removed the areas of the home needed to restore it free of smoke and soot damage. Then our team along with contractors rebuilt as in this photo is the garage being framed. 

A crawl space with insulation and before and after of services.

Crawl Space Mold Remediation

Here is a photo of before and after of a crawl space that had moisture issues that caused mold to develop that was found by a home inspector during a home resell in Fairfield PA. 

A group of people in a hotel lobby

2020 Chambersburg Chamber Ambassadors Group

A photo of the General Manager of SERVPRO,  Britany in the Chambersburg Chamber Ambassadors in the front row second from left. 

A group photos of all staff in front of a fleet van.

2019 Group Photo

Annual group photos of staff members and management. 

Rain caused a flooded basement, now what!

Rain, rain, go away come again another day! Over the next few days it's expected that in the Chambersburg PA and surrounding areas are going to have some rainy days. Keep an eye on those basement for flooding and be sure to talk to your insurance to know what your covered for. If you experience a flooded basement give us a call at 717-261-0310 to see how we can help you!

Spring 2019 St Thomas Storm Damage

The spring of 2019 we had a few severe storms in the area that produces high winds even a few tornadoes. This can cause little damage as to a small branch of a tree to fall or a few shingles on your roof missing. The other side is that the damage could be extensive cause your roof to blow off completely, a large tree fall on to the home or hail damage. SERVPRO of Chambersburg can cordiate all your items start to finish for you. This allows your to continue to spend time at work and with family. 

Mold Remediation in basement of Chambersburg Home

This home has water damage that wasn't properly addressed, causing mold to grow out of control on the wood and other material of the basement. SERVPRO performed extensive demo and cleaning of the area to capture all the spores to give the customer a safe environment again. SERVPRO can help answer your question regarding mold damage and educate you during the process. 

Chuches water damage from flooding

This chuch had water damage resulting the heavy rains of summer 2018 causing the basement to flood. SERVPRO responded using the high tech moisture meters to inspected for water damage performed the necessary demo and drying services. 

Commercial Water Damage Services in Chambersburg

When choosing a restoration company for your emergency needs consider using SERVPRO of Chambersburg who's been a leader for the area in restoration for nearly a decade. This church had a pipe break in the daycare area causing water damage. Drying services were needed and SERVPRO even cleaned the carpets after to make it truly "Like it never even happened." 

Bad hot water heater caused Chambersburg home water damage

This was an emergency call when a hot water heater failed causing the basement to have water damage. SERVPRO rushed to the property extracting water and setting up equipment for drying. SERVPRO of Chambersburg also performed the repairs to the property as we are a one stop shop! Give us a call at 717-261-0310 for the sudden water damages for an emergency response. 

What comes out of a flooded basement.

Here is an example of the quantity of items that can be removed in a flooded basement. SERVPRO of Chambersburg can remove the items and haul them off to a dumpster for disposal. 

We will ensure the salvageable items are saved to keep cost down and the damaged items are disposed of to eliminate the potential for mold to grow. 

SERVPRO of Chambersburg provides fire, flood, water, mold cleanup and much more. If your in need of services call our office to discuss an action plan to help you out. 

What water damage?

Can you identify this basement was once flooded. Look at those amazing carpet cleaning wand prints showing a fresh and clean carpet! This St.Thomas home had a basement flood and SERVPRO jumped right in with those hip waiters to pump it out and do drying. After the customer choose the advice of having the carpet cleaned and antimicrobial applied to it to esure any contaminants were eliminated. 

SERVPRO of Chambersburg is ready to help you out in a time of need. We understand you may not know what to do, and that's ok. We will guide you thru the process making effortlessly. 

SERVPRO employee come in all sizes!

When choosing SERVPRO of Chambersburg to provide services to your property we understand family is important, because after all we are a family business. Here is a employee in training, he's got many years ahead of him. This is one of SERVPRO of Chambersburg grandsons who will come in time to time to put his uniform on! 

Our employees family join the team for holiday events and the annual christmas parade were all about bring the team together like a family. 

Give SERVPRO of Chambersburg a call to take care of your family like their own. 717-261-0310

Sewage damage back up in Waynesboro PA

This property had damage resulting from a clog in the sewer pipe causing the category 3 water to come up the shower and toilet drain. This water is contaminated with potentially hazardous items. SERVPRO assisted with removing the contaminated building materials, cleaning the remaining items, drying services, and odor solutions.  

High Tech moisture devised to determine where water is trapped.

The old touch with the hand is not effective to locate moisture in drywall and other material. Here is a photo illustrating one of the meters used to find moisture called infrared camera.  

We have 4 different meters to check for moisture in your home of business to accurate at addressing the water. Then we return each day to check the progress of the drying and make changes to improve the results if needed by turning air movers or removing equipment as areas become dry to keep cost down. 

Insulation on a reconstruction project in South Mountain

This home had a fire due to arson in South Mountain, PA. SERVPRO of Chambersburg provided start to finish services for this customer and here is the repair of insulation stage. 

Thumbs up for outstanding services.

This commercial customer was extremely pleased with SERVPRO of Chambersburg water damage cleanup from a broken sprinkler. We worked with the staff to plan a action plan that would work for all parties and removed wet material then drying services. 

Thanks for choosing SERVPRO of Chambersburg for your services. 

Another satisfied customer

This customer had experience a water damage to their home. John lead technician at SERVPRO of Chambersburg guided her through the process while removing the wet materials and drying out the home. 

Thanks for the opportunity to service you! 

Campers Carpets need cleaned? Yes we can help with that!

We can bring in the small machines too to complete carpet cleaning in campers or RVs. Get a fresh new feeling with clean carpets for your summer seasons!

During cleaning of cigarette residue and odor

What a difference! Can you tell the area where it was cleaned? With some deep cleaning SERVPRO of Chambersburg was able to get this camper ready for the summer season. The build up of cigarette residue cause sticky and discoloration to the surfaces. The customer was pleased with the cleaning results! 

Mold in inherited homes in Chambersburg

SERVPRO of Chambesburg can help when you inherit a property with mold damages, deep cleaning or emptied out. This photo is from an abandon home that in the basement is infested with a large quantity of mold.


Each year we like to bring all the characters to life for Chambesburg PA. 

Employee Photo Day

What a wonderful team we have at SERVPRO of Chambersburg.

Employee Photo Day

Here is some of the members of SERVPRO, who love helping customers in difficult times.

Chamber Ambassador

General Manager, Brittany serves as an ambassador for the Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce where she helps mentor new members to get the most our of their membership.

2016 Holiday Mixer with Chambersburg Chamber

SERVPRO of Chambersburg is highly involved with the local Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce. This was at the 2016 December Mixer held at Wilson College. We had a blast meeting everyone.

Sewage Damage

Sewage damage is a messy task you don't want to have to clean up yourself. In this case the toilet was clogged and backed up after what appeared of un-flushable items entering the toilet. With the materials that came up in this damage you want to ensure you are property sanitizing the area.

Smoking Odor?

Are you a smoker who is planning to quite as a new year resolution ? SERVPRO of Chambersburg can help give those walls a good wash and eliminate those nasty smells.

Training Day

Today is training day for the technician at SERVPRO of Chambersburg. We always cross train every member of our team. #SERVPRO #training

2016 Trick or Treat

SERVPRO of Chambersburg  hosted a safety stop for Halloween Trick-or-Treat on October 31st 6-8pm. We wanted all the kids to have a safe, fun evening and to help with that we will be providing everyone with glow sticks as well as goodies bags of candy and even hot coco to keep everyone warm! It was set up in Kessington Heights Chambersburg PA.

2016 Trick or Treat

SERVPRO of Chambersburg  hosted a safety stop for Halloween Trick-or-Treat on October 31st 6-8pm. We wanted all the kids to have a safe, fun evening and to help with that we will be providing everyone with glow sticks as well as goodies bags of candy and even hot coco to keep everyone warm! It was set up in Kessington Heights Chambersburg PA.

2016 Trick or Treat

SERVPRO of Chambersburg  hosted a safety stop for Halloween Trick-or-Treat on October 31st 6-8pm. We wanted all the kids to have a safe, fun evening and to help with that we will be providing everyone with glow sticks as well as goodies bags of candy and even hot coco to keep everyone warm! It was set up in Kessington Heights Chambersburg PA.

2016 Trick or Treat

During the trick or treating events, SERVPRO also gave a ride to employee children and family to hit all of the stops in the neighborhood. 

Trick or Treat 2016

SERVPRO of Chambersburg  hosted a safety stop for Halloween Trick-or-Treat on October 31st 6-8pm. We wanted all the kids to have a safe, fun evening and to help with that we will be providing everyone with glow sticks as well as goodies bags of candy and even hot coco to keep everyone warm! It was set up in Kessington Heights Chambersburg PA.

Chamber of Commerce

Today General Manager,Brittany and Office Admin, Amanda attended today's Chambersburg Chamber member orientation to learn more about the benefits that the chamber has to offer. Brittany has been a Chamber Ambassador for several years so feel free to ask her about the ins and outs of the Chamber.

Puff Back

As the weather changes from summer to fall, shorts turn into pants, lemonade turns to hot cocoa, and the cool hum of an AC turns to the warm surroundings of heat. However, your furnace has just sat dormant for the past 6 months and this duration of time and non-usage can result in a puff back. The term "Puff back" refers to the sudden discharge of soot into the dwellin area caused by a malfunction in the heating system. T

Fire Damage in Waynesboro PA

The firefighter battled with the freezing temperatures & fire hydrants that were not properly working. The cause of the fire was related to cooking in the garage. Its uncommon that a home suffers this much damage in a fire. The process that SERVPRO did was to remove the main and second level of the home, and leave the basement foundation and build from there up. A typical fire to this size can take 9+ months to repair.

Fire Damage in Waynesboro PA

This fire effected every part of this Waynesboro home during the winter of 2014.The firefighter battled with the freezing temperatures & fire hydrants that were not properly working. The cause of the fire was related to cooking in the garage. Its uncommon that a home suffers this much damage in a fire. The process that SERVPRO did was to remove the main and second level of the home, and leave the basement foundation and build from there up. A typical fire to this size can take 9+ months to repair.

This is a dinning room, can you tell?

After a home experiences a fire damage it can leave the home un-identifiable. This fire was caused by cooking in the garage and the fire fighters had some challenges controlling the fire. 

Extra Care with Fire Customer's Contents

SERVPRO of Chambersburg takes pride in going the extra mile. This guitar was retrieved by the owner of SERVPRO of Chambersburg after walking in all of the soot to see if there was anything else we could save, look what he found. 

During Carpet Cleaning

This photo is during the carpet cleaning process. 

Fire Damage in Greencastle

This property had excessive fire damage caused by electrical malfunction in the kitchen. Most people don't understand the tramitic event people can have after a fire. They may have been a death of a family member or pet. At SERVPRO we will promise to be professional and cutoues threw out the process. One customer even comments "you care for my stuff like it's your own" 

Drying Equipment in a Sewage Loss

Water from sewer system backups should be considered very dangerous. The water is grossly unsanitary and may contain bacteria and viruses that could cause serious illness. Special training and equipment is necessary to safely clean this type of contamination.

HEPA Air Scrubber used at Mold Jobs

The DefendAir HEPA 500 Air Scrubber uses HEPA filter media with an efficiency rating of 99.97% against 0.3-micron oily aerosol particles and provides 250 to 500 CFM, the typical airflow level demanded on restoration jobs.

Does you basement look like this?

If your basement looks like this you may need to get a few things done. First off, there is mold growth in the basement due to a leaking foundation. Next you need to fix the source of the water intrusion. It may be the gutters, sealing the walls or general repair to the walls and floor. 

Oh, My where do I start Cleaning?

Some of the elderly customer are unable to care for their property as much as they once were. SERVPRO of Chambersburg helped get this home back to being able to be sold. 

During Cleaning of Kitchen Floor

SERVPRO of Chambersburg was hired by a family member after receive the power of attorney. The family member who lived in the home was unable to preform general cleaning task and it was a dirty job. This photos was during the cleaning process. 

Drying a Commercial Office after a Water Line Breaks

Some customers to try to cleanup water damage there self and cause mold growth or reduce the potential to save materials. This commercial customer know exactly what to do, within a hour after finding the water damage, they called the right people the plumber and SERVPRO of Chambersburg. SERVPRO of Chambersburg was onsite within 1 hour and began services. This photo illustrate the specialty industry drying equipment that was used. 

Commercial Dehumidifier Output in Water Damage

When your dealing with 8,000+ square feet of wet flooring you may need to use commercial size equipment to get the job done. In this photo is a ducting system that allows the air from the dehumidifier to travel threw out the property releasing hot and dry air. 

Specility Water Extraction Equipment at SERVPRO

Anytime you experience a  water damage to your home or business it's important to use a professional water restoration. This machine being used in the photo is a weighted exaction, use to remove water with the assistance of a rider's weight. It's commonly used on highly saturated carpets and glue down carpets.  

What could you basement look like after water damage?

During a water damage event it may be necessary to remove the wet drywall. This is determined with a specialty moisture meter. As you can see in this photo the walls were neatly cut by using measurements and the proper tools. This allows an easy repair for the contractor. 

Damaged Carpet after Water Damage

When an average water damage occurs to the a customer home that carpet can be dried and cleaned. But when the backing begins to separate it is no longer able to be reused. The backing tends to separate after it's been in contact with water for several days before drying begins or in a high traffic area or just due to age. 

During the Drying Process at Commercial Building

This Chambersburg commercial property had their water main break days before it was ready to be moved in. After the water was extracted it was time to let the air mover and dehumidifiers work. This photos shown how the professional air movers are placed to dry the area. 

Mold in basement on Drywall

Mold is common to grow in basements because it has all of the needed conditions. Mold likes dark & damp environments. Most customer run a dehumidifier in there basement to prevent that musty smell which is really mold starting to form. 

Extensive Fire Damage

This Chambersburg home had extensive fire damage when a toaster malfunction in the kitchen. 

Our Fire Damage Restoration Services

Since each smoke and fire damage situation is a little different, each one requires a unique solution tailored for the specific conditions.  We have the equipment, expertise, and experience to restore your fire and smoke damage.  We will also treat your family with empathy and respect and your property with care.

Board up services after car hits house

Sometime homes need to be secured from the weather or possible intruders when there structure is affected. If a tree falls on a home or a car hits the home as in this photo, SERVPRO of Chambersburg can provide temporary security.  

Mold Growth in Basement

Basements are the most common places SERVPRO of Chambersburg see's mold growth. This home was having a foundation leak that caused the mold to develop when water was leaking in to the property.

Water Damage Training at the SERVPRO office.

This week all staff member have been undergoing training to keep there skills fresh and sharp. The SEVPRO office was use for them to practice water damage. (No material were harmed in the process)

Deep Carpet Cleaning

Most customer don't realize how dirty their carpets get over time. You should clean your carpets at least on a yearly basis to maintain them. 

Can you tell the difference in this photo during the cleaning process?

New Trailer at SERVPRO of Chambersburg

SERVPRO Of Chambersburg just got a new trailer! The SERVPRO team is so excited!

Greencastle Fire Content Cleaning

The team at SERVPRO is working hard to clean the customers contents from a fire. SERVPRO takes time and understands the importance of each item to the family. #SERVPRO #firedamge#everythingcounts

Fire Reconstruction in Waynesboro PA

In December 2014 when this Waynesboro home was effected by a fire, SERVPRO of Chambersburg responding providing a pack-out services, cleaning and reconstruction. This is one of the areas of the home that was severally effected by the fire only leaving little framing. All drywall, painting and cabinets and much more.

Sewage Cleanup in Chambersburg

SERVPRO was called in to this town home in Chambersburg when there hot-water heater broke in the basement. Upon further inspection the technicians were able to locate two sources of the water damage, the hot water heater & the main sewer pipe had a break in it.

How the technicians were able to find this information out was due to strong odor and regiments of toilet papers.

Always hire a professional who has the proper training and specialty equipment and protective equipment for the job.

SERVPRO of Chambersburg and Station #4 Blood Drive

Recently SERVPRO of Chambersburg and Station #4 Fire Department teamed up to host an American Red Cross Blood Drive! We plan on hosting more blood drives in the future so stay posted on future dates!

SERVPRO of Chambersburg at Chocolate World

We work hard, so we need some time to play hard too. Our crew recently took a weekend vacation to Hershey, Pennsylvania. We camped at night and spent our days at Hershey Park. Here's a photo of us all standing out in front of Chocolate World.

Tree falls on home during wind storm in Chambersburg PA

During a storm with high winds in 2013, SERVPRO responding to this home that had a large tree that struck this home.

The tree did not only cause structural damages, it allowed the heavy rain to enter the home as well.

SERVPRO, hired a tree removal professional, packed-out the home and began to dry the structure and hired sub-contractors to do the repairs.

Now that's a professional Dehumidifier

This is a trailer mount desiccant dehumidifier used in Large Loss commercial jobs. The difference from a regular dehumidifier is that this piece of equipment introduces extreme dry and hot air to the environment .

Un-noticed Water Damage turns to Mold in Chambersburg

This unoccupied bank owned property experience a broken pipe in the bathroom. The bank property manager was under the impression that the property was being inspected and maintained.

Due to the mold, SERPVRO estimated that the water damage occurred 3-6 weeks prior to inspected the home.

When mold occurs in a water damage it can almost double the cost of a typical water damage. Time is very important when dealing with water.

SERVPRO provided a first treated and contained the mold in the areas, then began removing the wet material that was unsalvagable, like the drywall, carpets and hardwood floors. Then after the mold remediation was completed, SERVPRO hired sub-contract to restore the property to pre-loss condition.

SERVPRO is Highly involved Chamber of Commece

In the photo is Brittany, General Manger of SERVPRO of Chambersburg and Pat from New's Talk 103.7 at the summer mixer held a Keystone Ford greeting the guest. Being a part of the Chambers in the area has help our company grown its relationships. Brittany strive to help the Chamber grow by serving on the Ambassador Committee for the Chambersburg & Waynesboro Chamber, President of the Chambersburg Chamber Referral Group, and attend as many functions as she can. It's important for SERVPRO of Chambersburg to build the relationships with the local community and learn about other services that are in our own area.

Learn how you can join or participate at the local Chambers in your community!

SERVPRO of Chambersburg Vehicles, Always Green!

Here is a picture of two of our vehicles out in front of our sign.

SERVPRO of Chambersburg Trick or Treat Safety Stop

SERVPRO of Chambersburg hosted a safety stop for Halloween Trick-or-Treat. We wanted all the kids to have a safe, fun evening and to help with that we provided everyone with glow sticks as well as goodie bags of candy and even hot coco to keep everyone warm!

How much water is under the carpet?

SERVPRO of Chambersburg responded to a water damage caused by a frozen pipe. In the photo, here is an example of the amount of water that in "hidden" or not visible. This is why, we use several different industry meter to detect moisture.

When experiencing a water damage be sure to call in the professionals at SERVPRO!

Company Photo

Meet the crew of SERVPRO of Chambersburg.

Meet the SERVPRO team

Brittany Snyder, General Manager with Owners, Marlin & Adatha Myers

A Waynesboro home that was Highly Infected with Mold

This Waynesboro home's utility room where the hot water heater is that was leaking for a long period of time. The customer open the door and notice a high level of growth of mold.

If you ever find mold that is greater than 10 square feet, call a professional.

2015 Chamber Mixer at SERVPRO

SERVPRO hosted the 2015 August mixer for the Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce

SERVPRO brought Disney to Chambersburg in 2015

SERVPRO of Chambersburg was in the 2015 Chambersburg Christmas Parade as Disney. SERVPRO of Chambersburg enjoys the parade every year and brought something new to the town.

All the children faces light up and were so excited to see their favorite charters like Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Elsa, Belle, the Star Wars group as well and much more.

2015 Chambersburg Christmas Parade Group

Can you see all our favorite Disney Characters? SERVPRO of Chambersburg at the 2015 Parade as Disney. It's all about giving the community a great show for the holiday's.

Crew Chief Josh with Family

SERVPRO are super hero with many different outfits! Here is Crew Chief Josh with his Family for the 2015 Christmas Parade in Chambersburg.

General Manager: Brittany as Belle

General Manager Brittany as Belle for the 2015 Parade in Chambersburg.

Choose the Restoration Team with Resources

This is a part of the SERVPRO system located in Summerset PA. It's able to help respond to large commercial damages in the PA/MD area. SERVPRO is a Franchise with over 1700 locations able to help and join forces to get any size of job done.

High Tech Moisture Locating Equipment

When the trained SERVPRO technicians respond to your property for water damage, you may see them use this piece of equipment for locating where all the hidden water is. It is an Thermal-Image it use temperature to detect water, as you see in this photo the blue area is the water area.

Meet the Management Team

In the photo is the two owners Marlin & Adatha Myers along with Brittany Snyder, General Manager.

Meet the SERVPRO Team

Meet the SERVPRO team who is here to help the community experiencing fire or water damage.

Wind Storm in Mercersburg PA

Can you believe this large section of roof was removal because of high winds in Mercersburg PA. SERVPRO provided speedy services to this commercial business that need a large size of dry-out after the roof was blown off it was exposed to the rain and all the high end equipment needed professional serviced as well.

Blizzard 2016 = 3 feet of snow in one storm

January 2016 Chambersburg Pa had 32 inches of snow in one storm! This is our office halfway plowed.

During the Professional Extraction Process.

Most customers will attempt to try to clean up a water damage there self because they did not yet to process the situation. They begin with trying to shop vac the carpet but yet what they don't know is how much water is under the surface and the shop vac is not powerful enough for deep extraction. That's why professionals are important because they have the right equipment to do the job.

Red Cross Hero's Award

Brittany from SERVPRO of Chambersburg, presenting the Hero's award to Silver Spring Township Police Officer, Tracy Miller for her remarkable services to help others.

SERVPRO of Chamberbsurg responded to flooding in Virginia

In 2013 SERVPRO of Chambersburg participated with the SERVPRO Storm team when responding to a town who had a lot of flooding from heavy rains. This photos was taken a few hours after water begin to be pumped out of the basement, at the highest point it was 4' high. Believe it or not there was not stream, river that caused this just rain.

Insurance Event

Marketing representative at today's insurance event in Gettysburg PA. Got to meet insurance professional from all of the state and exchange information and story's

Flooding, Where to Begin?

If you see your basement, you may ask yourself... Where do I begin?

First step SERVPRO would do, Take photos before entering the area.

Then use a submersible pump to get the water to a lower level.

Put your water proof shoes one & beginning extracting and moving the items outside to sort threw whats salvageable.

Then many more steps for the dryout.

The importance of proper extraction of water

This photo illustrates the important of proper industrial water extraction. This commercial property had a water pipe burst and the plumber already began shop vacuuming the area prior to SERVPRO arriving on site. Therefor the carpet on the right that appears darker is the area the plumber shop vac already. The area on the left, the lighter area is after SERVPRO's professional equipment got on site and began extracting with the wand. 

During Smoke Clean Up

During a fire or a smoke cleanup walls will need to be cleaned with specialty products and procedures. When a customer trys to clean the area themselves they can cause more damage. This particular home was cleaned to prepare it for paint.

Business-to-Business Expo

At the Business-to-Business Expo by the Chamber of Commerce, Volunteering at the registration table is Dennis Mickley and Brittany Snyder( Marketing Rep. SERVPRO OF Chambersburg), pictured. This first-time event increased awareness of the dozens of Chamber members who participated

Carpet Clean in Progress

Can you tell the area of the carpet that was cleaned?

2015 Walk in Heels Event

The Men at SERVPRO Participate for the annual Women In Need, "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Event" Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is the International Men's March where men literally walk in women's high-heeled shoes as a symbolic gesture to raise awareness on the issue of violence against women. When men participate in this event, they show to the community that they are willing to take a stand against violence. Sexual violence affects our entire society and all of us can make a difference.

Water Damage, What should you do as homeowner?

When you have a water damage, you should first shut off the water source.

Next in this photos the biggest help you can provide a restoration company is, removing the wet boxes and determining what is damaged of your personal belongings.

2014 Chamber of Commerce Mixer

SERVPRO of Chambersburg along with SERVPRO of Shippensburg's booth at the 2014 Chamber of Commerce Mixer at Shippensburg University.

Community Volunteering Project

SERVPRO of Chambersburg and Fayetteville Contractors, Inc. donated some time and resources to the Hamilton Heights Youth Baseball team to help them demolish several buildings so they can build a nice new baseball field for the Chambersburg Community.

SERVPRO of Chambersburg's Office

Our Office located at 190 Industrial Drive Chambersburg PA 17201. Our office hours our Monday-Friday 8-4:30pm. You can't miss the green sign or cars.

Inside of a fire damage in Greencastle PA

Most people can't imagine what a fire looks like after the firefighters leave. It can be a shocking event. You may or may not be able to identify things in this photo, but this is the kitchen where electrical wires in ceiling lights was the cause of this damage.

Water Damage, Wet Ceilings in Greencastle PA

This home had a broken pipe in the main level of the home that was un-noticed for a few days while on vacation. When the customer walked in the front door of the basement, this is what they seen. It can be overwhelming and asking yourself WHAT DO I DO?

Begin with turning off the source and protecting any further damage from occurring. Therefor relocating your personal belongings from getting wet or protecting them with a trash bag.

Desiccant Dehumidifier used at Commercial Property in Chambersburg

During large size commercial water damage it required some special equipment. Great news, SERVPRO the right equipment to get the job done. 

Below is an explanation of how the machine works. 

"What is a desiccant dehumidifier? The most basic explanation is that a desiccant dehumidifier has a moisture absorbing wheel inside the unit. The wheel is made of silica gel – which is the desiccant (drying) element. Air enters the unit through an opening and travels through the silica gel impregnated wheel. When the air reaches the other side of the wheel it is dry and pushed out of the unit by a high static blower. There’s more to it than that but that’s the brief explanation of how a desiccant dehumidifier works."

2013 Cumberland Valley Breast Cancer 5k

CVBCA has sponsored an Annual 5K Walk/Run since 1997. It is an event that our community looks forward to every May. Our aim is to promote public awareness of breast cancer and to come together as a community to show our love and support! Traditionally the 5K is held on a Saturday in early May.

2014 Cumberland Valley Breast Cancer 5k

CVBCA has sponsored an Annual 5K Walk/Run since 1997. It is an event that our community looks forward to every May. Our aim is to promote public awareness of breast cancer and to come together as a community to show our love and support! Traditionally the 5K is held on a Saturday in early May.

Showing Community Support

SERVPRO of Chambersburg Believes in growing the community. Brittany, General Manager for SERVPRO is the attending a local buinssess ribbon cutting to celabrate there new begining.  Being a part of the Chambers in the area has help our company grown its relationships. Brittany strive to help the Chamber grow by serving on the Ambassador Committee for the Chambersburg

The ribbon's been cut at Divinity Homes located at 1112 Kennebec Dr. in Chambersburg - Congrats! They have more than 40 years of experience in the real estate and development business. Read more on our blog: 

SERVPRO attends ribbon cutting for business in town.

The Daily Grind is now open! Congrats on their ribbon cutting today with many people from the community there to support. Stop in and try their coffee, frappes, pastries, ice cream and more at 1098 Lincoln Way East

Professional Drying Equipment for Water Damage in Chambersburg

SERVPRO of Chambersburg has a verity of industry drying equipment and even some specialized drying equipment. Customers may find themselfs thinking that they can handle it with there standard box fans and homeowner dehu. SERVPRO advised that when any customer has a water damage event they should always seek professional help. 

Why, because there is a science to what we do. There is a special formula that decides the quantity of equipment needed. Then depending on the moisture levels of the material depends on the placement of the direct of the air flow. Next, if it's not done right, there could be secondary damage. 

SERVPRO of Chambersburg's new trailer

SERVPRO Of Chambersburg just got a new trailer! The SERVPRO team is so excited!

8,000 sq ft of commercial water damage property

This weekend SERVPRO of Chambersburg responded to a water damage from a water main break in a new commercial building. 8,000 square feet was effected. We brought in about 130 air mover, generators and large-size dehumidifier. Stay tune for the before and after photos.

Women in need walk in Chambersburg

Today SERVPRO men and there family's walked 6 blocks in downtown Chambersburg in heels for Franklin County Women and Need!

Give them a round of applause.

Hardwood Floors, when not to save them.

When hardwood floors are not properly dried they will begin to show extreme signs of water damages. Here is an example where the home was not occupied daily and cause floors to experience sever damage and needed removed vs dried.

Content Cleaning after a fire

The team at SERVPRO is working a cleaning a customers contents from a fire. SERVPRO takes time and understands the importance of each item to the family.

Contaminated Bathroom in Chambersburg

SERVPRO was hired by a family member to clean this property to prepare it to sell. This as a bathroom that was neglected for a lengthy time. 

Floors after carpet removed

This property in Chambersburg was neglected for a long period of time. The customer was prepared it to be sold and need to get it to a safe environment for potential buyers to look at it. This is what the floors looked like after the carpet was removed with animal urine and feces. 

Flood Damage

This home was flooded after heavy rains over a period of time. The water was about 4 feet high at the tallest. The drywall was cut out and the belonging were removed as well. 

Bathroom Contrast Cleaning Photos

SERVPRO has high level experience of cleaning difficult jobs. This photo is during the cleaning process of a shower.

Neglected home needed deep cleaning by SERVPRO of Chambersburg.

This home was neglected for a periord of time. This is the living room after the carpet was removed and during the cleaning process. Can you tell what area of the wasll was clean