SERVPRO of Chambersburg Employee Photos

A female with brown hair wearing a white shirt.

Adatha Myers

Adatha or also known as Addie, is one of the owner's at SERVPRO of Chambersburg. She comes from a work history of warehouse management. At SERVPRO of Chambersburg she facilitates the accounting and repair estimates while overseeing the daily operations. 

In her free time you'll find her with family or traveling on a cruise. She also loves her two dogs, Roxy and Paris. 

A male with dark brown hair and a mustache wearing a white shirt.

Marlin Myers

Marlin Myers is one of the SERVPRO of Chambersburg's owners. Marlin comes from a general construction background for with more than 20 years of experience. He began his dream to help family's when they were experiencing damages to their home about three years ago. Marlin enjoyed working with each and every homeowner and making all the work go smoothly for them.

A young female with long brown and blond hair with glasses and a white shirt.

Brittany Hassler

Brittany is the General Manager for SERVPRO of Chambersburg. She has been a part of the SERVPRO team for over 8 years. Brittany originally starting as a Production Tech, then to Marketing Rep, then to General Manager. She specializes are in Water Damage, Commercial Water Damage, Business Development and Employee Development.

Brittany is certified is Water Damage from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). She also frequently attend's various continuing education classes to expand her knowledge as a leader and sales manager.

A man with a black polo in front of  a green van.

Josiah Cox

Josiah is SERVPRO of Chambersburg's Production Manager who ensure customers are getting excellent customer services working with the production team. He has a vast background and former military. 

A brown and black female dog in front of the SERVPRO Van

Roxy (SERVPRO Dog)

Met Roxy, she is a 7 year old female Norwegian Elkhound who loves attention. You will often find her by the front door waiting to greet guests and get her back scratched. She is a great lovable fluffy dog! 

A man with long hair in a black and green sweeter


Noah joined the team in 2023 with a background in construction. In his free time he enjoys riding motorcycles and fishing.  

A man IN front of a green SERVPRO van

Aaron B

Aaron joined the SERVPRO team in 2022. He has a background in construction. He enjoys building things but even better demo days. He is always willing to help those who needs it. 

A women with a black polo Infront of the van.

Caitlyn N.

Caitlyn joined our team in 2024 with previous experience working for another SERVPRO location. 

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