Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Sump Pump Failure

After a sump pump failed this homeowner was left with over 3 inches of standing water in her basement. Our customer was thrilled to hear that we were able to mo... READ MORE

Water Damage In Basement

After a hot water heater flooded this basement the homeowner called SERVPRO OF CHAMBERSBURG to come aid with the clean up. Looking at the before photo one may n... READ MORE

Tile Damaged From Water

A toilet supply line had broke causing water to flood two levels of this home. This tile was very aged and was installed directly on the subfloor which makes it... READ MORE

A/C Unit Leak

This basement fell victim to water damage due to the A/C unit condenser pump backing up causing water to spread quickly. Luckily the water did not get a chance ... READ MORE

Water Damage

This loss was a washer drain leaked causing water to spread to three levels. The homeowner quickly noticed it however the damage was already done. These floors... READ MORE

Water Damage In Mercersburg

After a main water line was broke this basement flooded with two feet of water. The water was pumped out of the basement upon our arrival leaving everything in ... READ MORE

Hot Water Heater Flooded Basement

A hot water heater on average can last 8-10 years. The cost of replacing the hot water heater is often less than the customer deductible and the inconvenience i... READ MORE

Frozen Pipe in Greencastle caused water damage.

Frozen Pipe in Greencastle caused water damage.

Vacation home has water damage in Mercersburg PA

In Mercersburg, PA, this vacation home was not entered for approximately 30 days. A water leak occurred above in the ceiling causing water to leak and mold to g... READ MORE

Water Damages - Ceiling tiles and Wet Carpet

Water damage caused the ceiling tiles to collapse and soak the carpet. SERVPRO removed the wet carpet padding, floated the carpet and removed the wet ceiling ti... READ MORE

It's Raining, Water Damage in ceiling

Water damage in the upstairs unit from a hot water heater caused this apartment flooding out from the ceilings. SERVPRO completed the demo and the drying servic... READ MORE

Garden Faucet causing alarming water damage

During the spring season we see an increased in water losses due to a garden faucet. During the winter months homeowners may leave there hose attached causing t... READ MORE

Water Main Breaks filling home with muddy water

This was a challenging cleanup when the water main broke on the street it cause this home to fill with water and mud. We "mucked" it out and cleaned the floors ... READ MORE

Fast Responce to Water Damage, Allows commercial client to keep working.

Commercial clients value to fast response time to their emergency as every minute of interruption is costing their company lost income or employees loss wages. ... READ MORE

Water Damage Townhome in Chambersburg

One of the many rooms that was affected by water damage due to a frozen pipe. When homes are unoccupied for an extended period of time winterizing it can reduce... READ MORE

Water Damage Townhome in Chambersburg

During the freezing months of January in Central Pennsylvania, this home sustained a frozen pipe damage to majority of the home. The home was vacant due to bei... READ MORE

Dish Washer Caused water damage to a Greencastle Home

This Greencastle home had water damage from a dishwasher that occurred over a length of time and was un-noticed by the homeowner due to the several layers of fl... READ MORE

Water Damage Cleanup and Repairs in Chambersburg

This town home experience a large amount of water and went un-noticed for a period of time. SERVPRO removed the wet and moldy materiel and then preformed a dry-... READ MORE

Sewer Damage Cleanup in Chambersburg PA

When a sewer pipe broke in this town home in Chambersburg PA, SERVPRO responded and extracted the water, removed the damaged contents, and dried out the remaini... READ MORE

Water Damage Cleanup With Mold in Chambersburg

This unoccupied bank owned property experience a broken pipe in the bathroom. The bank property manager was under the impression that the property was being ins... READ MORE

Water Damage Repairs

When hiring SERPVRO to preform the dry-out services they can also offer repairs to the home as well. This home was experienced to water damage, once that stage ... READ MORE

Frozen House has Water Damage

This home was all but frozen when SERVPRO was called for a water damage in Chambersburg. The home had a pipe break in the wall. This after photo illustrate how ... READ MORE

Water Damage and Repairs

This home was unattended for a while when the pipe broke in the bathroom adjoining this hallway. The hardwood floors were several inches high near the bedroom a... READ MORE